Medical Students Honored for their Achievements at Convocation

Weill Cornell Medical College 2024 Convocation

Students from the Weill Cornell Medical College Class of 2024 were recognized for their dedication to scholarship, excellence in research, devotion to teaching or service and exceptional professional qualities on May 15 during Convocation. This was also an opportunity to honor other medical students, alumni, faculty and staff.

Dr. Robert Harrington, the Stephen and Suzanne Weiss Dean of Weill Cornell Medicine and Provost for Medical Affairs of Cornell University and Dr. Yoon Kang, Senior Associate Dean for Education hosted the awards ceremony.

2024 Student Awards

The Alan Van Poznak Award for Excellence in Anesthesiology

Briana Lui

The Society for Academic Emergency Medicine’s Excellence in Emergency Medicine Award

Emily Bae

The Henry Adelman Memorial Award for Excellence in Geriatric Medicine

Sanam Bhatia

The Anthony Seth Werner, M.D., Memorial Prize

Natalie Thuy-Nhi Nguyen

The Jay Lawrence Award for Clinical Proficiency in Infectious Diseases

Nissiya Ama Adjei

Alfred Moritz Michaelis Prize in General Medicine

Hudson Sun-Ki Lee

The Clarence C. Coryell Prize in Medicine

Evan Asher Balmuth

The David and Gladys Drusin Memorial Prize

Leslie Elizabeth Bull

Joan Severino Parisi and Alfred F. Parisi, MD '63 Prize in Internal Medicine

Diksha Ashwin Brahmbhatt

The Weiss Prize for Excellence in Clinical Medicine

Joyce Lee

The Yvette and Seymour Feil Prize in Medicine

Sean Patrick McCoy

The American Academy of Neurology Medical Student Prize for Excellence in Neurology

Andrew Ferdynand Iannone

The Gustav Seeligmann Prize for Efficiency in Obstetrics

Natalie Thuy-Nhi Nguyen

The William J. Ledger Prize in Obstetrics & Gynecology

Luiza Rezende Izoldi Perez

The Edward Norton Prize in Ophthalmology

Hannah Huei-Lan Hwang

The T. Campbell Thompson Prize for Excellence in Orthopedic Surgery

Branden Rafael Sosa

The Arthur Palmer Prize for Efficiency in Otorhinolaryngology

Yashes Srinivasan

The Herman L. Jacobius Prize in Pathology

Rhiannon Rose Aguilar

The George S. Meister Prize in Pediatrics

Eric Simon Takoushian

The Mitchell Spivak Memorial Prize in Pediatrics

Devin Mary Ray

The Oskar Diethelm Prize for Excellence in Psychiatry

Crystal Chang-Ann Wang

Sanam Bhatia

The Richard N. Kohl Prize for Excellence in Psychiatry

Erika Alma Glaubitz

Andrew Constantin Toader

The Faith Stewart-Gordon Prize for Excellence in Rehabilitation Medicine

Artine Nabil Zzarzani

The Clarence C. Coryell Prize in Surgery

Emily Manin

The Fabrizio Michelassi Medical Student Prize

Reine-Marcelle Ibala

The G. Thomas Shires II Prize in Surgery

Federico Palacardo

The Gustave J. Noback Memorial Prize in Anatomy

Grant Garnett Black

The Gustave J. Noback Memorial Fund for Advanced Study and Teaching in the Field of Anatomy

Yashes Srinivasan

The Moselle and Milton Pollack Prize in Medical Ethics

Valeria Guitierrez

The William C. Thro Memorial Prize for Academic Achievement Pathology

Tyler Wills

The Barbara Slifka Global Health Award

Indrani Guzman Das

The Elise Strang L’Esperance Prize in Public Health

Briana Lui

The George G. Reader Prize in Public Health

Diksha Brahmbhatt

The United States Public Health Service Excellence in Public Health Award

Emily Cohen

The Alan von Kreuter Cancer Research Prize

Rafael Jose Almanzar

The Dean’s Research Award

Yael Razi Stovezky

The Gustavo Cudkowicz Memorial Prize in Immunobiology

Steven Pan

The Harold G. Wolff Research Prize

Arsalan Haghdal

The Sondra Lee Shaw Memorial Prize

Carlos Rico

The Susanna Cunningham-Rundles Medical Student Research Prize

Hudson Sun-Ki Lee

Area of Concentration Certificates of Excellence

Rafael Jose Almanzar

Emily Bae

Evan Asher Balmuth

Edward Gilbert Bowen

Taylor Kyle Brashear

George Son Corpuz

Benjamin Canon Gaeta

Lynn Kedee Han

Elizabeth Mina Khusid

Hudson Sun-Ki Lee

Joyce Lee

Tehilla Berger Lipsky

Esther Yixin Liu

Shuting Lu

Vruj Patel

Carlos Alberto Rico

Hector Fernando Salazar Martinez

Yashes Srinivasan

Yael Razi Stovezky

Glasgow-Rubin Memorial Award

Luiza Rezende Izoldi Perez

Glasgow-Rubin Memorial Achievement Citations

Emily Bae

Geena Ianni

Esther Yixin Liu

The Charles Horn Prize

Lynn Han

The David Clayson Prize for Creativity

Sophia Salingaros

The Hayworth-Gold Award for Excellence in Medical Professionalism

Patrick Magahis

Ian Nykaza

Alyssa Pelak

The Henry C. and Anne Hayworth First Honor Prize

Jeffrey Shi

The Sidney and Viola Borkon Memorial Prize

Maressa Cumbermack

The John Metcalf Polk Prizes

Charles Gunnar Kinzig

Sean Patrick McCoy

Daniel Poston

The Medical Student Executive Council Award

Diksha Brahmbhatt

The Compassionate Physician Award

Reine-Marcelle Ibala

The Good Physician Award

Sean Patrick McCoy

The Nelson Felix Sánchez M.D. LGBTQ+ Excellence Award

Jodie Nghiem

The Paul Sherlock Prize in Internal Medicine

Varshini Gali

The Leonard P. Tow Humanism in Medicine Award

Student recipient: Benedict Bunyi Harvey

Faculty recipient: Dr. Joy Howell

2024 Faculty Awards

The Senior List Excellence in Teaching

Dr. Anthony Ogedegbe

Dr. Joy Howell

Dr. Juliet Aizer

Dr. Kaushal Shah

Dr. Bryan Leppert

Dr. Andrea Card

Dr. David Scales

Dr. Deborah Silber

Dr. Emily Coskun

Dr. Alexis Vien

The Charles L. Bardes, M.D. Teaching Prize

Dr. Bernice Grafstein

The 1952 Resident Physician Prize

Dr. Elizabeth Reznik

The Elliott Hochstein Teaching Award

Dr. Brian Eiss

The House Staff Teaching Award

Dr. Wesley Rogers

The Medical Student Executive Council First Year Teaching Award

Dr. Sushil Kumar

The Medical Student Executive Council Second Year Teaching Award

Dr. Marc Dinkin

The Richard A. Herrmann, M.D. Teaching Award

Dr. Brian Eiss

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