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Staff Directory

Assistant Vice Provost for Communications and Marketing

Mason Essif
Assistant Vice Provost for Communications and Marketing
Phone: 646-962-9489

Communications & Marketing Leadership

John Rodgers
John Rodgers
Director, Creative & Editorial Services
Phone: 646-962-9528
Sarah Smith
Sarah Smith
Director, Media Relations
Phone: 646-962-9537
Elena Wu
Director, Marketing
Phone: (646) 962-9495


Image of Sarah Woods Brand Manager for Weill Cornell Medicine
Sarah Woods
Brand Manager
Phone: (646) 962-9553
Image of Analucia Castillo-Cano, Marketing Specialist, PO at Weill Cornell Medicine
Analucia Castillo-Cano
Marketing Specialist, PO
Phone: (646) 962-9580
Image of Dolores Brunner-Stith, Marketing Associate at Weill Cornell Medicine
Dolores Brunner-Stith
Marketing Associate
Phone: (646) 962-9541

Editorial and Development Communications

Jordan Lite
Jordan Lite
Managing Editor
Phone: 646-962-9564
Alyssa Sunkin-Strube
Alyssa Sunkin-Strube
Newsroom Manager
Phone: 646-962-9540
Gayle T. Williams
Development Communications Manager
Phone: 646-962-9521
Linda Lombroso
Development Communications Associate
Phone: 646-962-9512
Image of Jamie Kass Science Writer Weill Cornell
Jamie Kass
Science Writer
Phone: (646) 962-9584
Kathryn Inman
Associate Editor
Phone: 646-962-9503
Jacquelyn Walsh
Development Communications Associate
Phone: 646-962-9558
Yvonne Singleton
Yvonne Singleton
Production Assistant
Phone: 646-962-9535
Shealene Guerrero
Editorial Specialist
Phone: 646-962-9478

Media Relations

Jen Gundersen
Jen Gundersen
Manager of Media Relations
Phone: 646-962-9497
Krystle Lopez
Krystle Lopez
Media Associate
Phone: 646-962-9516
Anna Sokol
Media Specialist
Phone: 646-962-9472


Michael Yannetelli
Manager of Multimedia Content
Phone: 646-962-9554
Image of Tori Mumtaz Multimedia Associate at Weill Cornell Medicine
Tori Mumtaz
Multimedia Associate
Phone: (646) 962-9578

Social Media

Azad Yakatally
Manager of Social Media Strategy
Phone: (646) 962-3000
Image of Marilynn Bonilla Media/Social Media Specialist at Weill Cornell Medicine
Marilynn Bonilla
Media/Social Media Specialist
Phone: (646) 962-9525

Communications Operations

Jason Peralta
Jason Peralta
Project Coordinator
Phone: 646-962-9526

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