For Journalists

Connecting to WCM experts

The Office of External Affairs is dedicated to sharing news from Weill Cornell Medicine with journalists and facilitating interviews with our internationally renowned experts.  

The WCM media relations team is fast-acting and dedicated to helping reporters meet their deadlines. We make every effort to connect reporters to faculty to obtain the information and commentary needed for both breaking news and feature stories. Contacting our office as early as possible in your story development process will allow us to best meet media interview requests.

To contact the WCM media relations team, you can call us at (646) 962-9564 or email us at pr@med.cornell.eduPlease note your deadline and the media team will prioritize your request.

Additionally, the Press Room page provides media team beat assignments to help you connect with a team member directly.

Policies for on-campus interviews and filming/photography

Permission must be obtained from External Affairs prior to any interviews on WCM property, including in-person interviews with print reporters as well as any filming or recording. Once permission has been granted, all reporters (with and without photo or video film crews) must have an escort from External Affairs while on campus.

For news media crews, the media relations team must be present during all in-person interviews and filming to ensure institutional and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliance. On-site media requests require at least 24 hours of advanced notice.

For documentary or non-news crews, the media relations team will create a location agreement, coordinate a location to match your filming needs, alert campus security and provide logistical information. Non-news crews must submit filming requests at a minimum of eight to 10 business days in advance of their desired filming date.

To contact the WCM media relations team, please contact us at (646) 962-9564 or email

Photography requests

Photographs of WCM for publication are not permitted without prior authorization from External Affairs. To arrange a photo shoot at WCM, to photograph its faculty, staff and students, or to obtain current or historical photographs and images, please contact us at or (646) 962-9564.

Weill Cornell Medicine
Office of External Affairs
Phone: (646) 962-9476