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This page contains archival copies of Weill Cornell Medicine magazine, our flagship magazine from 2004-2021.

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summer 2021 magazine cover
Summer 2021
We're Changing Medicine

$1.5 Billion Campaign Aims to Transform Patient Care

WCM Winter Issue 2021 Cover
Winter 2021
Just Medicine

How Weill Cornell is fighting racism to improve equity and healthcare for all

cover for WCM Summer 2020 issue
Summer 2020
WCM responds to COVID-19
WCM Winter Issue 2020 Cover
Winter 2020
A Brighter Future

Thanks to a transformative scholarship initiative, most WCM students will graduate without medical school debt

WCM Magazine Summer 2019 cover
Summer 2019
Outcome Equality

Lisa Newman, MD, and Melissa Davis, PhD, aim to help more African American women survive breast cancer

WCM Spring Issue 2019 Cover
Spring 2019
Change from Within

Jonathan Avery, MD, is taking on healthcare's bias against patients with substance use disorders

WCM Winter 2019 Issue Cover
Winter 2019
Feeding the Beast

Lewis Cantley, PhD, investigates how sugar may drive cancer growth

WCM Fall 2018 Issue Cover
Fall 2018
In Balance

WCM puts a special focus on medical student and physician wellbeing

WCM Summer 2018 Issue Cover
Summer 2018
Rx for the Modern MD

10 Essentials for a Healthy Practice

WCM Vol. 17, No. 2 Cover
Vol. 17, No. 2
Beyond Borders

At WCM, immigrants make untold contributions to research, teaching, and patient care

WCM Vol. 17, No. 1 Cover
Vol. 17, No. 1
Creative Work

Shahin Rafii, MD, and his lab have made dramatic advances in the quest to generate blood stem cells

WCM Vol. 16, No. 4 Cover
Vol. 16, No. 4
Bright Futures

In Haiti, the WCM-affiliated GHESKIO clinic has revolutionized HIV treatment, prevention, and education in the developing world

WCM Vol. 16, No. 3 Cover
Vol. 16, No. 3
Theirs to Discover

Guided by faculty mentors, MD students now devote six months to original research

Cover of Weill Cornell Medicine magazine V16, N2 Dean Augustine M.K. Choi, MD
Vol. 16, No. 2
The Power of Three

New Dean Augustine M.K. Choi, MD, aims for new levels of excellence in Weill Cornell Medicine's mission: to care, discover and teach

WCM Vol. 16, No. 1 Cover
Vol. 16, No. 1
Life's Work

For junior faculty who are establishing careers while raising families, new grants offer support

Weill Cornell Medicine magazine cover
Vol. 15, No. 4
A Matter of Degree

More doctoral alums – like Natalya Gertsik, PhD '16 – are pursuing fields beyond the bench. And the graduate school is helping them get there

Vol 15 No 3
Vol. 15, No. 3
Happy Birthdays

Patients laud Weill Cornell Medicine's natural approach to labor and delivery

Vol 15 No 2
Vol. 15, No. 2
The Immunotherapy Revolution

Weill Cornell Medicine investigators aim to make cancer a chronic – rather than deadly – disease

Vol 15 No 1
Vol. 15, No. 1
Best of Both Worlds

Weill Cornell physician-scientists and Cornell University engineers collaborate to improve human health

Vol 14 No 3
Vol. 14, No. 3
Care. Discover. Teach.

What's in a name? Introducing "Weill Cornell Medicine"

Vol 14 No 2
Vol. 14, No. 2
Personal Touch

New diagnostic methods are revolutionizing cancer treatment – and much more

Vol 14 No 1
Vol. 14, No. 1
Gut Instinct

David Artis, PhD, Explores the Microbiome

Vol 13 No 4
Vol. 13, No. 4
The Innovators

Weill Cornell nurtures faculty entrepreneurs

Vol 13 No 3
Vol. 13, No. 3
Staying Power

For some alumni, their alma mater is also their workplace

Information Age - Vol 13 No 2
Vol. 13, No. 2
Information Age

'Big Data' makes for big ideas in healthcare research

Winter 2014
Winter 2014
Unique Vision

The Belfer Research Building heralds a new age of discovery

Fall 2013
Fall 2013
Generation Next

Mentoring the physician-scientists of tomorrow

Summer 2013
Summer 2013
The Cancer Revolution

Lewis Cantley, PhD, heralds a new era in research

Spring 2013
Spring 2013
'Tremendous Relief'

Patients hail Dr. Neel Mehta and the team at the Pain Medicine Center

Winter 2013
Winter 2013
Looking Up

In Tanzania, WCMC helps local staff improve burn care

Fall 2012
Fall 2012
Life of the Mind

Appel Institute scientists battle Alzheimer's disease

Summer 2012
Summer 2012
A Time to Heal

Psychologist JoAnn Difede uses virtual reality to help veterans with PTSD

Spring 2012
Spring 2012
Great Expectations

Dean Laurie Glimcher aims to lead Weill Cornell to new heights

Special Issue 2011
Special Issue 2011
Building for the Future

The transformative leadership of Dean Antonio Gotto

Fall 2011
Fall 2011
Urban Explorers

Clerkships at affiliated hospitals give students a varied perspective

Spring 2011
Spring 2011
Managing Change

How will the new health-care law affect medical practice?

Winter 2011
Winter 2011
Psychiatric History

For more than a century, the Westchester campus has been at the forefront of mental health care

Fall 2010
Fall 2010
Worlds to Discover

With the Medical Research Building under construction and applications on the rise, the Graduate School is reaching new heights

Summer 2010
Summer 2010
A New Dawn

Weill Cornell creates a "front door" for research

Spring 2010
Spring 2010
Command Performance

From dancers to divas, piano prodigies to pop stars, a Weill Cornell center offers specialized care for artists

Winter 2010
Winter 2010
Dressed to Cure

What's the prognosis for the white coat?

The Age of Discovery
Fall 2009
The Age of Discovery

How Weill Cornell's Scientific Minds Are Advancing Health Care

Art & Science
Spring 2009
Art & Science

The photography of Zina Semenovskaya ’09

Into the Wild
Winter 2009
Into the Wild

Adventures in wilderness medicine

Voice of Reason
Fall 2008
Voice of Reason

Psychiatrist and civil rights activist Alvin Poussaint, MD ’60

Inaugural Qatar Commencement
Summer 2008
Inaugural Qatar Commencement
Juggling Act
Spring 2008
Juggling Act

Young doctors figure out how to balance life and medicine

Going Global
Winter 2007
Going Global

From Bugando to Brazil, Weill Cornell is crossing borders to improve health around the world

What does it take to get a good night's sleep?
Fall 2007
What does it take to get a good night's sleep?
Looking Inward - Summer 2007
Summer 2007
Looking Inward

A debate over CT scanning for lung cancer raises fundamental questions about medical trials

New Heights in Patient Care and Medical Education - Spring 2007
Spring 2007
New Heights in Patient Care and Medical Education
From Bench to Bedside - Fall Winter 2006
Fall / Winter 2006
From Bench to Bedside

Breakthroughs by Weill Cornell researchers promise to transform health care

The Inside Story - Summer 2006
Summer 2006
The Inside Story

Most men take better care of their cars than their bodies – but attitudes are changing

Parasite Fighters Spring 2006
Spring 2006
Parasite Fighters

Weill Cornell research offers new hope in the worldwide battle against malaria

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