Awards and Honors Across Weill Cornell Medicine - June 28, 2019


Dr. Maria Jasin, a professor in the Cell and Developmental Biology Program in the Weill Cornell Graduate School of Medical Sciences, has been awarded the Shaw Prize in Life Science and Medicine from the Shaw Prize Foundation. Dr. Jasin was honored for her research showing that localized double strand breaks in DNA stimulate recombination in mammalian cells. This seminal work was essential for and led directly to the tools enabling editing at specific sites in mammalian genomes.

Dr. Christina Lee, a second year fellow, has received a Conquer Cancer Foundation of ASCO/Frist Family Endowed Young Investigator Award in honor of Howard A. Burris, III, MD for her research on “longitudinal genomics of tumor-immune cell interaction in targeting CDK4 in mantle cell lymphoma.” The awards provide funding for early to mid-career oncologists conducting clinical research across the cancer care continuum. Research projects conducted by this year’s awardees seek to provide additional insight into precision medicine, psychosocial and supportive care, use of digital technologies, and liquid biopsy application.

Dr. Art Sedrakyan, a professor of healthcare policy and research, has been named co-editor-in-chief of the newly launched healthcare journal BMJ Surgery, Interventions, & Health Technologies, an open-access journal that publishes original research on complex healthcare interventions. Intended to encourage higher standards of science and more rapid dissemination of new knowledge in the field, it provides a high-impact international platform for both early and later stage clinical studies as well as long-term assessment and surveillance studies that meet high standards of design and reporting. The journal launched May 7.

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