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Awards and Honors Across Weill Cornell Medical College - Week of Jan. 31 - Feb. 7

Dr. Carol Storey-Johnson Makes Top 15 List of Most Influential African-American Medical Educators

Dr. Carol Storey-Johnson, senior associate dean of education at Weill Cornell Medical College, has been named one of the nation's 15 most influential African-American medical educators by Black Health Magazine.

Dr. Carol Storey-Johnson applauds first-year medical students during the 2011 White Coat ceremony Photo credit: Janet Charles

"I have to admit it came out of the blue," Dr. Storey-Johnson said. "There are not many opportunities to recognize folks who do the things I do — especially African Americans — at the top of medical administration. There are few African Americans in these positions here and in our peer institutions, so this is a real honor."

A quarterly publication, Black Health Magazine tackles the health concerns of prominent African Americans as well as other issues of special interest to the community. By honoring the nation's top African-American medical educators, the magazine hopes to inspire high school and college students who are considering a career in medicine.

"I am exceptionally proud of this year's Black History Month Issue," said Marcus Oaks, publisher of Black Health Magazine, which ran the list in Thursday's issue. "The focus is on medical educators creating a legacy for future generations of African-American doctors and health professionals. These 15 individuals have demonstrated through their body of work, education and lifetime achievements what it takes to make history and are carving cornerstones for our children and grandchildren."

Dr. Storey-Johnson, associate professor of clinical medicine and an attending physician at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital, has been engaged with medical education throughout her career. She has served in various leadership roles at the medical college including director of the clinical education unit in the Division of General Internal Medicine, director of the ambulatory selective for fourth-year medical students, director of the primary care residency track, and director of the ambulatory block rotation for residents in the Department of Medicine. Dr. Storey-Johnson also conducts program evaluations to determine whether learning objectives and content are consistent with projected educational outcomes, and is a champion for curriculum reform at Weill Cornell, which is currently in the pilot phase with full implementation expected in the fall. Her research focuses on curriculum evaluation and program development.

Additional Awards and Honors

Dr. Costantino Iadecola, director of the Feil Family Brain and Mind Research Institute, the Anne Parrish Titzell Professor of Neurology and professor of neuroscience, delivered the keynote address at the Aarhus University CTTH Workshop 2013 hosted Dec. 5-7 in Aarhus, Denmark. The title of his address was "Neurovascular Coupling in Hypertension and Alzheimer's Disease." The meeting addressed the relations between blood-brain barrier function, vascular signaling and neurovascular coupling in health and disease.

Dr. Valerie Johnson, associate professor of clinical pediatrics, received a Lifetime Achievement Award in Pediatric Nephrology from the Kidney and Urology Foundation of America on Oct. 22. The foundation is dedicated to helping people with kidney and urologic diseases, as well as individuals waiting for organ and tissue transplants. Dr. Johnson received the award in recognition of her excellence in clinical practice and her dedication to advancing pediatric health, education and treatment.

Dr. Matthew J. Press, the Nanette Laitman Clinical Scholar in Public Health – Quality of Care Research, assistant professor of public health, assistant professor of medicine, gave two invited talks in November. The first, titled "Collaboration between clinicians: assessing its quality and impact," was presented at the University of California Los Angeles' Center for Maximizing Outcomes and Research on Effectiveness Comparative Effectiveness Research Seminar Series. The other, "Communication between clinicians: measurement, quality, and outcomes," was given at the Yale School of Medicine's Division of General Internal Medicine Research in Progress series.

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